Sunday, 26 July 2015

Weekly Reading Discussion (Week 5)

Verisimilitude vs Stylized Graphics 

There shouldn't really be any comparison between these two styles. Both are incredible in their own rights and show exceptional amount of talent to make them look as beautiful as they do.
Verisimilitude refers to something being realistic or as close to real they [developers] make it, whereas stylized refers to graphics being purposefully not realistic.
The obvious "head to head" in my eyes would be any of the recent Call of Duty titles vs Boarderlands. Both are an first person shooter with fast paced game play but the realistic graphics from Call of Duty set it apart from the semi cartoony look of Boarderlands.

Boarderlands plays more into a fictional scenario where you're shooting monsters and upgrading your gear and all that good stuff but the cartoony element make the fact that it is intended to be sci-fi more prominent.
When looking at C.O.D, the highly realistic graphics cause the player to feel a sense of immersion.  

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